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Draw bar chart using TOAST UI Charts from C-sharp corner site data

This is a series of 2 articles where we will see the process of preparing the C# Corner Statistics charts. You can read the first part here - Generate or prepare C# Corner Statistics Data  based on available information on the C# Corner website. The data is generated in the JSON format. Prepare Charts Based On Generated C# Corner Statistics Data Using TUI Charts Library In this article, we will learn how to prepare the chart data from raw JSON from C# Corner statistics data and draw a chart using the  Toast UI(TUI) Charts  Library. Description In the previous article, we have learned how to grab or generate C# Corner statistics using web scraping with the help of  cheerio.js . Let's start Step by step to draw charts using Toast UI(TUI) Charts Library. Step 1 -  Install or add the prerequisite references for drawing charts  As we are generating charts, we obviously need JavaScript Charts Library and its dependent JS and CSS files. < link   rel