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Asp.Net interview questions Series Part 1

 Introduction I am writing a series of article regarding Most asked, c# (c-sharp), Dotnet, OOPS  technical and interview questions for a beginner (Fresher) and experience developer as well. Description I know you have read a lot of articles regarding interview questions, the purpose of this article is to prepare a list of most frequently asked questions. You may have faced these questions while viva in college exam and job interview as basic skills. Most people working in web form or MVC technology have gone through this. What is Request life cycle in application? What is page event lifecycle? What are a content page, master page, and user control? What is an order of page load event in user control, content page and master page? What are the different state management techniques? What is ViewState and Where view state is stored? What is the purpose of ViewState in web form? Is ViewState available in Asp.Net MVC?