Generate C-SharpCorner Site based Dashboard using charts

Generate C-SharpCorner Site based Dashboard using charts

Learn Web scrapping using cheerio js in node js


In this article, we learn how to do web scraping using cheerio js in node js server side.


cheerio.js is the Fast, flexible, and lean implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server.
It means we can fetch/request any page from a server-side and retrieve element using valid CSS selectors same way we can use jQuery.

  1. Node or npm must be installed in your machine
  2. Install node-fetch and cheerio in node project
How to setup and Installation of web scrapping project

  1. npm init (Create node application)
  2. npm install node-fetch cheerio --save
To usage of a cheerio, js see below cheerio-sample.js file 

As per the above code first, of all load cheerio module and then use jquery like selector to get specific

Using cheerio. js, I have created c-sharp corner Blogs, Articles, News statistics as per sites and also generated c-sharp corner statics dashboard.

I have attached code snippet for web scraping of c-sharp corner statistics using cheerio js, node-fetch.

See generated c-sharp corner visualization statistics using web scrapping.

Github code:
Visualization Dashboard:

To Display charts we have used TUI Charts library for above dashboard.


In this article, we have learned about cheerio js for web scrapping and also demo app created for generating statistics.


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