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Asp.Net interview questions Series Part 1

 Introduction I am writing a series of article regarding Most asked, c# (c-sharp), Dotnet, OOPS  technical and interview questions for a beginner (Fresher) and experience developer as well. Description I know you have read a lot of articles regarding interview questions, the purpose of this article is to prepare a list of most frequently asked questions. You may have faced these questions while viva in college exam and job interview as basic skills. Most people working in web form or MVC technology have gone through this. What is Request life cycle in application? What is page event lifecycle? What are a content page, master page, and user control? What is an order of page load event in user control, content page and master page? What are the different state management techniques? What is ViewState and Where view state is stored? What is the purpose of ViewState in web form? Is ViewState available in Asp.Net MVC?

Kendo Grid Integration Using jQuery

Kendo Grid Integration Using jQuery Introduction In this article, we will learn about the very powerful Kendo Grid by Telerik that provides rich inbuilt features with less coding. We integrate the kendo grid using jQuery. Kendo can be used with any modern technology, such as  - ASP.ET WebForm, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core MVC, Node.js, PHP etc. Prerequisites Visual Studio Code or any Text Editor Web Service or Web API For this demo, I have used the web service created and hosted by  Telerik . Source code for this web service is open source that you can review on GitHub as well. Note Kendo Grid is a licensed version. Description As we know, each and every application requires any tabular format to display small or large data with basic functionality, like Grid with Sorting, Filtering, Paging etc. Here, the Kendo Grid provides the above functionality along with other advanced and powerful inbuilt features as mentioned below. Column Reordering Column Resizing Ex

Generate C-SharpCorner Site based Dashboard using charts

Generate C-SharpCorner Site based Dashboard using charts Learn Web scrapping using cheerio js in node js Introduction In this article, we learn how to do web scraping using cheerio js in node js server side. Description cheerio.js   is   the Fast, flexible, and lean implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server. It means we can fetch/request any page from a server-side and retrieve element using valid CSS selectors same way we can use jQuery. Prerequisite Node or npm must be installed in your machine Install node-fetch and cheerio in node project How to setup and Installation of web scrapping project npm init (Create node application) npm install node-fetch cheerio --save To usage of a cheerio, js see below cheerio-sample.js file  As per the above code first, of all load cheerio module and then use jquery like selector to get specific element. Using cheerio. js, I have created c-sharp corner Blogs, Articles, News stat

Display code snippet in blogger

Introduction In this article, we learn about an easy way to Display or add code snippet/Sample in Blogger article and highlight different types of language code snippet  using  GitHub code or gist code. Description To display code in an article or to highlight code in blogger or in any other blogging platform you can use Github Gist, I found this way is very easy which  doesn't depend on any external highlighting javascript library or CSS library. Step 1   Here you can create any public gist for code snippet for javascript (.js), Csharp(.cs), shell script (.sh) etc So it can be loaded in an article. Once you saved gist file one link or Embed option is displayed on a gist as per below screenshot. Step 2 Copy Embed Link or gist link and paste that embed code link in Article's in HTML mode not in  compose mode.  I have attached a screenshot for blogger article as below.  Step 3  Once you have added embed script in blogger article you can see

How To Create And Publish npm Package

How To Create And Publish npm Package Introduction In this article, we will learn about easy steps for creating and publishing your javascript or node js utility package to npm package repository. How did I get the idea for creating and publishing of npm packages? Actually, I was working on creating a dashboard with charts. As most library charts have their own convention for passing data to generate charts e.g.  tui-charts ,  highcharts  etc. while preparing data I had to rename some keys as per the required convention.   I have to rename multiple keys from an array of an object. In C# or Dot Net, you have probably heard about the term "DTO - Data Transfer Object" or Automapper which provides this functionality in which it converts one class to another class type with required fields.   Here, I have searched for javascript and JSON utility library using underscore js and lodash as well, but I didn't find any solution,  so I created a utility function and publ