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Dynamic Query in LINQ using Predicate Builder

IntroductionThis tutorial explains how to create a dynamic query using LINQ, Using Predicate Builder  LINQ to SQL dynamic query and Query with Entity Framework is easy. This concept first implement by albahari DescriptionPredicate Builder is powerful LINQ expression which is mainly used when too many search filter parameter is there for querying data by writing dynamic query expression. We can write a query like Dynamic SQL.
To know more about predicate delegate visit Predicate Delegate How To Implement Predicate Builder
In this example, I have created an instance of PredicateBuilder with PatientInfo Model and add multiple OR and AND Condition based on their value. Predicate Builder automatically creates a dynamic query with Linq and combined into one Expression.

When We have a grid which filters record based on applied filter and filter parameter is in large number decision of use Dynamic LINQ result very high performance and minimize code writing while implementati…

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