Payumoney Integration With Asp.Net


PayUMoney is fastest growing Payment Gateway in India,which support all major banks and credit/debit card for payment settlement. PayUMoney is now provide support for enterprise hence its known as PayUBiz Payment Gateway.


I have created test demo with PayUMoney  in Asp.Net webform which explains in various step as below. 

Step1 :


Before we start first we need to configure PayuMoney or PayuBiz for our website,here is below description about technical details
  1. Production server: POST URL: To post successfully on production server, your merchant application status should be approved and you should use the key sent to you by PayUMoney after confirming the approval of your application.
  2. Test server: POSL URL:
  3. KeyJBZaLc (This key and salt value is provided by PayuMoney team after our payumoney account is configured and approved.)
  4. Salt GQs7yium

In above image Amount,Email,First Name and Phone number is mandatory and when actual order is placed it comes dynamically It's a customer data.

Success URI and Failure URI handle response for successful/failed transaction this URI can also be set in web.config.

In Test Account When you click submit It may be error occurs like your bank is not authorize you just need to Click Try Again  and enter detail in visa credit details as given below.

Step 2 :

Select Payment method and fill data
Select Payment method and fill data
Here, For test account of PayUMoney It requires to enter details about card number ,cvv number and expire date as per PayuMoney Configuration. 
  1. Card Name: any name
  2. Card Number: 5123456789012346
  3. CVV: 123
  4. Expiry: May 2017 
After production some minor configuration is needed as PayuMoney support team guide you, PayuMoney payment gateway can accept most of Indian bank card and payment. 

Step 3 :

After filling detail processing payment
After filling detail processing payment

  Processing payment in test mode just verify user form data and actually not redirect to bank payment and process payment and after successful payment in test mode you will shortly get email or SMS which you have entered while making order. 

Step 4: 

Returning after payment
Returning after payment

   Returning after payment processing

Step 5: 

 This page display transaction completed successfully and also user receive SMS or Email from payu money about this transaction instantly.


I have updated this article. Main change is name of payment gateway and most important  Added Demo link so you can directly test on live.

Conclusion :

In this tutorial we have learn about basic step for integrating PayuMoney in website. this basic step is same for all PHP, ASP.NET and other technology. I hope you can integrate PayuMoney payment gateway in your website using this tutorial. 

Note: Technical guideline documents and source code is below 

Download SourceCode

Demo PayU Money 

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